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Cruising in Style: JR's Painting Takes Home 1st Place at Ahwatukee Community Car Show!

Updated: Jan 29

At JR's Painting, we're not just about transforming walls; we're also about turning heads on the streets. Our CEO, Adrian Perez, recently showcased the perfect blend of horsepower and paint power at the Ahwatukee Community Car Show, and needless to say, it was a winning combination!

A Victory Ride in a 2018 Ram Truck Adrian Perez, the driving force behind JR's Painting, entered his stunning 2018 Ram truck into the Ahwatukee Community Car Show. This sleek and powerful machine effortlessly cruised its way into the hearts of the attendees, catching the eyes of both car enthusiasts and casual onlookers alike.

Triumph in the "1986-Present Truck" Division The excitement reached its peak when the winners were announced. Adrian's Ram truck proudly took home 1st place in the fiercely competitive "1986-Present Truck" division. It wasn't just a victory for JR's Painting; it was a testament to the passion and dedication that drive us both on and off the job.

Eric Perez: Representing the Legacy The JR's Painting booth was more than just a display of our exceptional painting services—it was a showcase of family pride. Representing the family legacy was none other than Eric Perez, the youngest son of Owner JR Perez. With a genuine passion for both painting and automobiles, Eric played a pivotal role in ensuring that our booth stood out among the vibrant array of vehicles.

A Blend of Artistry and Automotive Excellence Our appearance at the Ahwatukee Community Car Show wasn't just about winning accolades; it was a celebration of the synergy between artistry and automotive excellence. From the carefully chosen paint colors on Adrian's Ram truck to the meticulous design of our booth, every detail reflected the same commitment to quality that defines our painting services.

Join Us on the Journey At JR's Painting, we believe in taking our passion beyond the canvas. Winning 1st place at the Ahwatukee Community Car Show is not just a milestone; it's a reminder that the pursuit of excellence extends to every aspect of our lives. We invite you to join us on this journey, where creativity knows no bounds and where every endeavor is a canvas waiting to be transformed.

Stay tuned for more updates on our adventures, both on the walls and on the road!


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