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Painting More than Homes: JR's Painting's Commitment to the Ahwatukee Community

Updated: Jan 29

Celebrating 28 Years of Excellence and Community Dedication

In 1995, Junior Perez started JR's Painting with a simple mission: to provide exceptional painting services to the Ahwatukee community. Fast forward to today, and JR's Painting is not just about paint on walls; it's about painting smiles on faces. With Adrian Perez taking the helm as the CEO of the company a couple of years ago, JR's Painting has expanded its commitment to both the quality of their work and their role within the community.

Community Involvement: Painting More Than Walls JR's Painting is proud to be deeply ingrained in the Ahwatukee community, and their involvement goes far beyond the brush and canvas. They actively participate in various local events and festivals, supporting and enriching the community they love.

1. The Annual Dog Show: Every year, JR's Painting is right there, celebrating the four-legged members of the community. They not only bring their painting expertise but also their love for animals. It's their way of showing that painting a better community involves more than just homes.

2. Ahwatukee Nights Festival: Ahwatukee Nights Festival is a celebration of local art, culture, and creativity. JR's Painting actively participates, adding vibrant colors to the festivities. Their presence is a testament to their commitment to the local arts and culture scene.

3. The Annual Car Show: Classic cars and beautiful paint jobs go hand in hand. JR's Painting doesn't miss the chance to show their support for local car enthusiasts. They bring their A-game, displaying their own work and inspiring others to see the artistry in painting.

A Touching Act of Kindness: Painting Hope and Happiness In the heart of JR's Painting's commitment to the community is their dedication to helping those in need. They demonstrated this dedication in a profound way when they painted a local Ahwatukee resident's home for free. The resident was financially exhausted from battling a cancer diagnosis. In their darkest hour, JR's Painting stepped in to paint not just walls but also a brighter future. The story of this act of kindness touched the community deeply, and it exemplifies the values JR's Painting stands for. They believe in the power of paint to transform not just physical spaces but also lives.

Commitment to Giving Back: One House, One Heart at a Time This heartwarming experience has led JR's Painting to pledge an annual commitment. They plan to paint one house dedicated to a community member in need each year. It's their way of ensuring that the community that has supported them since 1995 continues to thrive and find solace in their vibrant paint.

Painting the Community's Heart JR's Painting isn't just a painting company; it's a testament to the power of community and compassion. With deep roots in Ahwatukee, they've not only painted homes but also woven a tapestry of colors into the hearts of the people they serve. Their commitment to giving back serves as an inspiration to us all – a reminder that a single act of kindness can paint a brighter world for everyone.


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